Seasoned Logs


For high quality local firewood and seasoned logs get in touch with MS Tree Care Ltd.
seasoned logs

High-quality seasoned logs

Looking for seasoned logs for your fireplace? MS Tree Care Ltd offers you 100% hardwood that is correctly dried so that it burns better in your fireplace. The logs are chopped and processed so that you don't have to chop or dry them further. 

Our tree surgeons also help you with tree pruning and stump removal. Contact us today for more information.
Seasoned hardwood

Reasons to choose us

  • More than 15 years of experience
  • 1 tonne bags
  • Home delivery
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Seasoned hardwood
Learn more about how we work, gallery page.
If you are looking for great quality seasoned logs, get in touch with MS Tree Care Ltd in Bedfordshire. Call us now on
01234 851 235 or 07712 050 068

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